About us

A new children's choir, committed to providing unique performance opportunities for young singers who wish to enrich their lives through the art of song while meeting and collaborating with great musicians and other you peers. Through teamwork, discipline and unique camaraderie of fine choral singing, the Stratford Youth Singers will provide unparalleled music education and life changing opportunities to perform exceptional music, promote the personal welfare, growth and a portfolio of life skills that prepare children to become effective citizens with a diverse cultural education and traditions in fine musicianship.

We believe in


Creating one of the finest treble choir

through continuous learning, improvement, and personal growth

Provide musical and education opportunities

to children and youth, offering life enhancing experiences through the study and performance of the choral art.

Creating a respectful and collaborative environment

that supports the well being of children and families

Fostering a love an appreciation of music

in our local, national, and world communities.

Share our musical performances

with all the children, youths, adults, and seniors in the world.